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Thank You for Joining Us for the Access to Justice Awards Celebration!

Our 2021 Access to Justice Awards Celebration was a successful event and wonderful evening! It was great to come together again and recognize our honorees as a community. Thank you to all of our sponsors, campaign co-chairs, event co-chairs and attendees for helping to bolster our annual Campaign for Equal Justice efforts! Before the Access to Justice Awards Celebration, our campaign total sat at $148,587.33 and it is sitting at $151,835, to date.

The efforts put into the campaign thus far have been tremendous and we feel strongly about reaching our $200,000 goal this year, something that has never been done before! For more information on our 2021 Campaign for Equal justice, visit us at We encourage you to contribute to our campaign and you can do so by clicking HERE.

Please know that your contributions are appreciated!

To view the event please click here.

Our 2021 award recipients are:

Lloyd O’Hara Public Interest Law Award: Robert “Buzz” Portune, a founding partner of Gottschlich & Portune (now Foos & Lentz, LLP), devotes numerous hours of pro bono legal services each week assisting local immigrants who fled trying circumstances in their native countries. He helps them to obtain permanent residency in the U.S. and reunites some with families left behind in other countries. Since 2017,  in collaboration with Catholic Social Services, his efforts have had a dramatic effect on immigrants’ ability to stabilize their lives.

Patricia Rousseau Community Advocacy Award: The Westminster Presbyterian Church Identification Ministry has assisted clients in dire circumstances to secure identification that is required for eligibility to receive public assistance or benefits, employment, utilize job services, gain access to food pantries and subsidized housing, obtain health and/or mental health care, and enroll children in school. Since 2010, the program has helped thousands of people to overcome hurdles when they could not afford the cost of securing IDs on their own to improve their lives.

Community Impact Awards: Jill Bucaro of the Public Defender’s Office has made a profound impact on the department’s new model of holistic defense services for economically disadvantaged people who seek its legal assistance when facing criminal charges. She has substantially increased support services to clients and engaged nonprofit and county agencies to improve individuals’ quality of life and reduce recidivism. Based on that success, the Public Defender’s office now has expanded the program that will benefit more people in need.

To view the event please click here.