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Agricultural Worker & Immigrant Rights

Protecting and expanding the legal rights of agricultural workers and immigrant families by addressing unfair or discriminatory employment practices and civil rights violations, including racial or ethnic profiling.

Areas of Legal Practice and Advocacy: Employment problems & disparities | Unpaid wages & minimum wage claims | Immigration | Civil rights | Housing conditions | Daycare and education | Healthcare | Pesticides | Ohio Works First | Food stamps | Other government benefits | Preserve family unity & stability | Safety from domestic violence, other crimes, persecution, torture & human trafficking | Combat unfair or discriminatory practices | Address systematic racism | Improve the quality of life for immigrants, refugees & their families 

Justice for Detained Black Mauritanians
Photo: Albert Cesare / Enquirer

Justice for Detained Black Mauritanians

Black Mauritanians began seeking refuge in Ohio decades ago after fleeing their African homeland, where they faced violence, oppression, and slavery. They were among the lowest deportation priorities under previous administrations. They worked, paid taxes, and raised their families here. U.S. government officials also knew their life would be endangered if they were sent back to Mauritania.

Court Finds Children of Undocumented Parents Were Unlawfully Denied Drivers' Licenses

Obtaining a temporary instruction permit at age 15 and then a driver’s license at age 16  is a step to gaining independence. Sadly, thousands of non-citizen and U.S.-citizen minors across Ohio who were eligible to obtain a driver’s licenses were unable to do so, because of the national origin and immigration status of their parents.  

A Family Reunited in Time for Baby’s Birth

Reuniting James and Camille in Time for their Baby’s Birth

James and Camille are from Ghana and came to the United States nine years ago so that James could attend graduate school. After graduating with his Ph.D., James found work as a research fellow at a local university.

Funding Partners

•	Board of Lucas County Commissioners
Borealis Philanthropy - Immigration Enforcement Impact Litigation Project
Columbus City Council
City of Dayton Human Relations Council - Welcome Dayton 2019
Consulate of Mexico - Indianapolis 18-21
Dayton Police Department
Impact Fund
Justice for Migrant Women