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Healthcare & Economic Stability

We represent clients to ensure access to healthcare and public benefits so they can live with dignity, eliminate barriers to employment, and increase opportunities for families living in poverty.

Areas of Legal Practice and Advocacy: Protection against unfair debt collection| occupational licensing for people with criminal records| securing Medicaid benefits for individuals and families|  securing access to critical food assistance (SNAP)| employment and training opportunities for job seekers| removing barriers for people with disabilities| increasing opportunities so people can live independently in their homes and community| cash assistance benefits for families| Social Security benefits for adults and children

Samantha: Advocating to enable her to live independently

Advocating for Samantha to live independently

Samantha works at a school in her community and lives with her parents. Her parents are aging and are worried that Samantha cannot live independently without help because of the challenges presented by her developmental disabilities.

George’s Story: Living Independently with Disability

Living Independently with a Disability

George is a 34-year-old man with developmental disabilities who works at a residential care facility, lives independently in his community, and has overcome many obstacles in his life. Despite being able to work, George needs additional support services to live independently successfully.

Juanita’s Story: Caring for Her Mother

Helping families care for their most vulnerable members

Juanita’s mother, Sally, provides care and support services to Juanita. But, they face eviction because Sally can’t work because she doesn’t make enough money to pay someone to care for Juanita, who has severe intellectual disabilities.

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