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Summer Associate Program

Summer internships in high-quality legal settings. The program gives law students experience, feedback, and a real-world legal aid setting. Students have an opportunity to explore their career choices and expand their options. Learn more about the 2024 Summer Associate Program.


Every year, we work with law students and recent law graduates to apply for fellowships through national and state programs. We advertise these opportunities widely at law schools and public interest law forums; please check our Opportunities regularly. 

People Are at the Heart Of All We Do

Looking for a Dynamic Workplace?

We encourage you to take a serious look at ABLE. We are nationally known for cutting edge legal work. Our advocates are regularly invited to present at national forums and conferences. We strive to create an environment where all employees are respected, and where everyone feels that their work is valued and important to achieving our mission. Our employees come from many geographic regions of the world. We happily employ people with different life experiences, socioeconomic backgrounds, professional experiences, and professional goals.

  • Generous leave time and benefits
  • Opportunities for professional development and leadership
  • A range of family friendly policies
  • Competitive salaries for nonprofit and public interest law positions.
  • Additional language compensation
  • Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) for attorneys with student loans - $6000 per year sponsored by The Ohio Access to Justice Foundation.  LRAP makes it more possible to do what you love – when combined with Public Service Loan Forgiveness, your loans could be paid in 10 years!


We stand up for people living in poverty who need legal help to assert or defend their legal rights. Our clients are diverse, and their needs often involve access to basic needs and rights that many of us take for granted. Many are trying to move past barriers caused by inequitable opportunities and poverty. Racial justice legal work has always been at the core of ABLE’s legal work.

Racial justice takes many forms, including individual legal cases standing up for the rights of students being wrongfully removed from schools and class actions challenging and seeking change in policies that deny Ohioans basic rights, to building power in communities through civic engagement and legal support.

We know there is much more to be done, and we're looking to the future by recruiting highly qualified candidates like you.


Compared to the cost of living in other parts of the country, our employees find that they can afford to buy homes, travel, and live a quality of life they could not afford elsewhere. Check it out here or another cost of living comparison website.

Most of our offices are less than an hour away from a regional or major airport and we are close to bigger cities like Cincinnati, Detroit, and Indianapolis. But beyond these financial and geographic considerations, new attorneys find that they find satisfaction in becoming part of our communities. Many of our staff are active members of the communities where they live, participating in professional organizations, leading local and state bar association committees, founding immigrant-friendly city initiatives, and serving on advisory boards for community-based organizations.