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Protecting children and families from lead poisoning

Exposure to lead-based paint dust can cause lifelong damage to a child's nervous system and often lowers IQ and causes physical and emotional damage. It is completely preventable.

Records show that 100 kids in Toledo have tested with more than twice the allowable blood-lead levels - just since a local court deemed the city’s initial law unconstitutional last year. Without prevention, children are being used as lead detectors.

Toledo's new lead ordinance will protect children from lead poisoning by ensuring that rental homes are inspected for lead hazards.

ABLE provided assistance to the Toledo Lead Poisoning Prevention Coalition as they advocated for this new law.

Dust wipes are necessary to accurately test for the presence of lead dust in a home. The Toledo Lead Poisoning Prevention Coalition – with the help of ABLE – advocated to ensure this measure was included in the new law.

Now, the City's administration must work quickly to educate the public and ensure proper implementation of the law. Download the City of Toledo's Legislation Details (PDF)

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