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Consumer and Economic Justice

New Mental Health Collaborative Project Provides Resources and Education to Providers

A new collaboration between ABLE and the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Lucas County (MHRSB) aims to address the multi-faceted needs of people living with mental health issues in northwest Ohio.

Who gets stopped in Oakwood? The racial divide.

A Regional Water Plan

A regional water plan that included no protections for people with low incomes, now includes provisions to ensure the City will create assistance prog ...

Increasing Pay Equity

Women in Ohio each year are typically paid $11,477 less than men, according to the National Partnership for Women and Families. That is the 14th worst ...

ABLE fair wage

ABLE Fair Wage Letter to Toledo City Council

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality submits this letter in support of Women of Toledo’s call for Toledo City Council to pass the Pay Equity Act.

Know Your Rights: Going Back to School After the Tornadoes

School aged children who lost their homes in the Memorial Day tornadoes may qualify for help to succeed in school.

Payday Loan Reforms in Ohio

Lenders always charge interest, but payday lenders recover many times the principle in fees and interest on small loans to people who are just trying ...

Preventing Payday Loan Industry Growth in Toledo Central City Neighborhoods

Many people debate whether payday loans are necessary for people with limited means. But the proliferation in Toledo was stemmed after several groups ...