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Agricultural Worker & Immigrant Rights

ABLE and LAWO Publish 2022 – 2023 Harvest Calendar for Ohio’s Farmworker Community

The Harvest Calendar is our main outreach tool for immigrants and agricultural workers, reaching nearly 2,000 people.

ABLE Publishes 2022 Immigration Advocacy Project Report to the Community

Each year, ABLE's Immigration Advocacy Project releases a report to the community with important updates, statistics, and client stories to share our impact on agricultural worker and immigrant communities throughout Ohio.

ABLE Attorneys Publish Analysis on the Community Lawyering Model in the UIC Law Review

"Working for Justice in an Unjust System: Moving Beyond the Legal System", published in Volume 55, Issue 2 of the UIC Law Review, discusses ABLE attorneys Kathleen Kersh and Matthew Currie’s analysis of how the community lawyering model can be used to promote community power to change unjust systems.


New KNOW YOUR RIGHTS videos produced by ABLE help you know your rights and protect yourself and your family.

Children of Undocumented Parents Unlawfully Denied Driver’s Licenses

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center, et al. v. Registrar, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles  Obtaining a temporary instruction permit at age 15 and t ...

Refugees’ Court Victory Will Ensure Equal Access to Ohio Drivers’ Licenses

Community Refugee and Immigration Services, et al. v. Registrar, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles   Transportation is crucial to most of us.  It allows ...

Justice for Detained Black Mauritanians

Black Mauritanians began seeking refuge in Ohio decades ago after fleeing their African homeland, where they faced violence, oppression, and slavery. ...

Know your rights. Protect your family.

People should not have to live in fear that their families will be torn apart. Unfortunately, many immigrants have experienced that hard reality. Thei ...

Family separation in Ohio – families detained for ICE arrest while fishing

Families taking a Sunday off from their hard work should be able to spend time in a public place without fear of being detained without reason, arrest ...