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Agricultural Worker & Immigrant Rights

Justice for Detained Black Mauritanians

Black Mauritanians began seeking refuge in Ohio decades ago after fleeing their African homeland, where they faced violence, oppression, and slavery. ...

Know your rights. Protect your family.

People should not have to live in fear that their families will be torn apart. Unfortunately, many immigrants have experienced that hard reality. Thei ...

Family separation in Ohio – families detained for ICE arrest while fishing

Families taking a Sunday off from their hard work should be able to spend time in a public place without fear of being detained without reason, arrest ...

James and Camille - A Family Reunited in time for Baby’s Birth

James and Camille are from Ghana and came to the United States nine years ago so that James could attend graduate school. After graduating with his Ph.D., James found work as a research fellow at a local university. At the time his work visa expired, Camille’s sister had just passed away, leaving behind four young children. While Camille’s and James’ visas had expired, they did not feel they could leave the United States so soon after her sister’s death, because they needed to care for their nieces and nephews.

Jessica A. Ramos Invited to Testify

Jessica A. Ramos, who has been recognized for her work representing unaccompanied immigrant children, was invited by Senator Rob Portman to testify be ...



CFTF provides funding to support legal education and representation for eligible immigrants in removal proceedings before the Cleveland Immigration Court.

Columbus Families Together Fund supports legal representation of Columbus residents targeted for deportation and detention

The Columbus Families Together Fund, established by the Columbus City Council, supports legal education and representation that keeps immigrant famili ...