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Amirah asked for help to stop sexual abuse

Amirah asked for help to stop sexual abuse

Adult protective services contacted the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program with concerns that Amirah, who was a resident of a nursing home, was the victim of sexual abuse while visiting her daughter’s home outside the community.

The ombudsman responded and developed a rapport with Amirah, who confided that she had suffered sexual abuse while visiting her daughter’s home. Amirah said that she felt safer since she had been at the nursing home and also revealed that her daughter’s boyfriend had previously sexually assaulted her before Amirah moved to the nursing home. Amirah gave the ombudsman permission to speak with the facility staff about the abuse to ensure Amirah’s safety.

The ombudsman – with Amirah’s permission – spoke with the staff about the abuse allegations and to monitor visits from the alleged abuser, the daughter and to restrict community outings with the family until law enforcement had finished the investigation. The facility worked with Amirah and the ombudsman to ensure her safety and peace of mind. Amirah felt empowered by those who were advocating for her, and she began advocating for herself.

Staff overheard Amirah standing up for herself during a visit from her daughter, and from then on, only other family members were allowed to visit. Amirah expressed thanks and that she felt safe at the close of the case.

*This client’s name was changed to protect her privacy.

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