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Katie’s right to an education

Katie’s right to an education

Katie’s mother struggled to get her daughter the education she needs from their rural, public school district. As a young child, Katie* struggled with severe behavioral outbursts and would run away from school – even from a school that specialized in working with children with disabilities. Katie has a genetic disorder, autism, attention deficit and behavioral disorders.

While Katie was making progress in a restrictive home instruction setting with a teacher from the school, her parents enlisted the assistance of an ABLE attorney to help Katie enroll in school because they wanted their daughter to be with other children. The attorney secured a long and deliberate transition over the school year that included therapies and individualized support that Katie needed to succeed in the school setting. To her mother’s dismay, once Katie began attending school, Katie’s mom was informed that the instructor with whom Katie had developed a bond, would no longer be available to them. ABLE protected Katie’s rights by asserting her right to the planned transition. That included ensuring that Katie will receive home instruction over the summer because she needs ongoing education. Katie continues to be excited to go to school more days of the week and continues to do well.

*This client’s name was changed to protect her privacy.

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