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ABLE Appoints New Executive Director Makiedah Messam

Ombudsman Program Seeks Additional Volunteers

Improving Infant and Maternal Health Outcomes in Ohio Through Targeted Interventions: ABLE Testifies in Support of HB 7

On Tuesday, May 2, ABLE Child Advocate Jennifer Behnfeldt joined with fellow advocates and community members in sharing testimony in the House Families and Aging Committee in support of HB 7. If passed by the Ohio Legislature, the bill would invest $63 million toward providing much-needed support for growing families throughout the state.

Title 42 Lifts and a New Rule is Implemented: Did Agencies Engage in Meaningful Procedures or Steamroll Ahead While Ignoring Public Input?

With Title 42 recently lifted, immigrants face even steeper barriers to seeking asylum in the U.S. The barriers are being implemented by a new rule that was released on May 10 in an almost-500-page document. ABLE and other immigrant rights organizations opposed this new rule for several reasons, including conditioning asylum on manner of entry, the further marginalization of already marginalized populations, and the increased risk for immigrants waiting at the border.

ABLE Ombudsman Program Seeks Additional Volunteers

Individuals ages 18 and older looking to make a difference in the lives of residents living in nursing homes, assisted living homes, and group homes can become Certified Ombudsman Associates in ABLE's Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. 

SUCCESS Program Addresses Family Legal and Social Challenges to Improve School Attendance

In a partnership with Clark County Juvenile Court and Springfield City Schools, ABLE is assisting chronically absent kids and their families through an innovative initiative called the SUCCESS Program.

Morgan's Story

People with disabilities often want to work to contribute their skills to their community and experience the independence many of us take for granted. But even part-time paid work can result in losing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments. Morgan, a client with ABLE, reached out to us when she started experiencing the common issue of “overpayments.”

Tenant Information Hotline Now Open

The Tenant Eviction Relief Project & Tenant Information Hotline is ready to take your calls! We work with clients to access tenant rights information, receive rental assistance funds, and support policy advocacy that protects tenants’ housing stability. Contact the Tenant Information Hotline at 1-833-777-0277.

ABLE’s Project with the Vera Institute of Justice Helps Bridge the Justice Gap for Unaccompanied Children

ABLE has partnered with the Vera Institute of Justice to launch the Unaccompanied Children Project. Funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the project is an expansion of our decades-long commitment to serving the varied legal needs of immigrants in Ohio.

Adison’s Story

17-year-old Adison lives with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a condition that causes muscle weakness throughout the body and severely restricts the use of his upper extremities. Read how ABLE assisted Adison in acquiring a specialized wheelchair and robotic arm to achieve independence.

New Program Provides Civil Legal Assistance to Afghan Evacuees in Western Ohio

The ABLE-led Afghan Evacuee Immigration Legal Services Project provides legal guidance and helps our new community members as continued progress is made toward stabilizing the humanitarian crisis.