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ABLE Appoints New Executive Director Makiedah Messam

Ombudsman Program Seeks Additional Volunteers

Justice Department Reaches Settlement with TPS to Resolve Discriminatory Discipline Case filed by ABLE

ABLE CASE UPDATE - Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Toledo Public Schools to Resolve Complaints of Race and Disability Discrimination in Stu ...

Children of Undocumented Parents Unlawfully Denied Driver’s Licenses

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center, et al. v. Registrar, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles  Obtaining a temporary instruction permit at age 15 and t ...

Refugees’ Court Victory Will Ensure Equal Access to Ohio Drivers’ Licenses

Community Refugee and Immigration Services, et al. v. Registrar, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles   Transportation is crucial to most of us.  It allows ...

Important Message About COVID-19

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE) is here to help people living in poverty for whom the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about swift and se ...

Celebrating the Center for Equal Justice

The Center for Equal Justice has stood as a beacon of hope for 10 years at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Huron Street in Toledo. It offers servic ...

Driver's license worker image

Nearly 2000 people helped during driver's license clinics

Ohioans deserve the chance to move out of poverty by gaining stable employment so they can provide housing, food and other necessities to support themselves and their families. Often they must overcome barriers such as high driver’s license reinstatement fees, the loss of a driver’s license or other roadblocks that can prevent individuals from obtaining stable employment.

George: Living Independently with a Disability

George is a 34-year-old man with developmental disabilities who works at a residential care facility, lives independently in his community, and has overcome many obstacles in his life. Despite being able to work, George needs additional support services to live independently successfully.

Samantha: Advocating to enable her to live independently

Samantha works at a school in her community and lives with her parents. Her parents are aging and are worried that Samantha cannot live independently without help because of the challenges presented by her developmental disabilities.

Protecting Juanita and her family from eviction

Juanita’s mother, Sally, provides care and support services to Juanita. But, they face eviction because Sally can’t work because she doesn’t make enough money to pay someone to care for Juanita, who has severe intellectual disabilities.